Are you ready to change out that old water heater and step into the world of endless hot water?


Many homeowners are facing the decision on whether to replace their old school tank style water heater or step into the newest technology of heating domestic water by a tankless water heater.

I have been dealt with this tank or no tank decision with our own customers literally hundreds of times and it is rising fast.

There are a few key points that plumbers look for when determining whether a tankless water heater is a good fit for your home or business.

• Where is your current water heater installed? Is it located down in a basement, close to an outside wall, or near the center of the home on the main level in a two-story home? These are common questions that will aid in making a decision to go tankless. This is mainly due to how the new vent will be terminated to the outside of your home as described in the next paragraph.

• How and where is your current water heater vented? Does it connect with any other appliance vent such as a furnace or boiler? how far and how high does it run? Tankless water heaters will NOT use the same vent system that your current tank style water heater is using. Tankless water heaters fire up so hot and so fast that the galvanized venting would rust from the inside out due to the condensation build up. Tankless water heaters use either a PVC vent system, stainless steel piping, or other specialty pipe designed only for this appliance. However, there are new products available by Noritz, the leader in the tankless water heater industry, that may resolve some of these venting issues. See this brand new revolutionary tankless water heater that is designed to retrofit a standard 40 gallon water heater. It is the NEW Noritz EZTR40.

Noritz EZTR40 EZ Install Video

See how the new EZTR40 installs with this quick video. Music "Polypel" by Nitemoves (Google Play * iTunes)

This new Noritz EXTR40 tankless water heater by Noritz will open the doors for many homeowners that are unable to install a tankless water heater due to the lack of accessibility to run a new vent, difficulty to increase their gas line pipe size, or substantial amounts of time and material to complete an installation that makes the job to expensive to pursue.

Do be cautious when installing in a colder climate region where the Noritz EXTR40 is not sufficient enough to deliver the necessary hot water do to the cold ambient temperature water coming into the home. Noritz has announced that they will be unveiling the EZTR50 to accomodate such demands. This model will be available around the second quarter of 2015. I am very excited to use this new model in our Colorado homes.

• Is your gas as line sized properly for a tankless water heater? A strong majority of residential water heaters are supplied with a 1/2" gas connection. Tankless water heaters use a 3/4" gas connection to sufficiently provide enough gas flow to operate the unit. Now, don't think you can simply increase the 1/2" gas connection with a 3/4" one and that will fix the issue. You MUST calculate all the gas appliances BTU loads within the home and measure the distances of the gas piping system. There are some formulations that we use when determining gas pipe sizing. Sometimes increasing the sizing of the pipe from the actual gas meter itself is necessary. You will want to make sure of the expense required to complete this task if it is needed prior to starting the tankless water heater installation.

• How many bathrooms, showers, and plumbing fixtures will be supplied by this new tankless water heater? you must size the unit properly to allow for the proper gallons of hot water needed to supply these plumbing fixtures. Nothing is worse than the excitement of having a takless water heater to supply endless hot water if it is not big enough to supply every fixture when you need it.

• Do you live in a warm or cold climate region? There is a common misconception that the cheapest tankless water heaters are the way to go because, well, their cheap. Jeep in mind the cheapest tankless water heaters are cheap because they are smaller and won't put out much hot water. They will also offer less gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water. Sizing these tankless units is crucial when dealing with cold climates because the shock of colder water puts more demands on the unit to perform. Most tankless water heater manufacturers offer sizing charts for both warm and cold climates so that you can easily determine the right tankless model for your location. DON'T FALL FOR THE CHEAPER PRICED TANKLESS WATER HEATERS!

GOOD NEWS! The federal government will give you a $300 tax credit if you purchase a tankless water heater in 2015. Also, look for local rebate programs that may be available as well. My local gas company will also kick in a $300 rebate to assist in getting you into a tankless. That's a pretty good deal to take $600 off the installation in our location.

So, there is a lot to know about the installation of a tankless water heater. I always suggest hiring a professional licensed plumber to complete the installation because it isn't quite as easy as it may appear and you would at least be covered by a warranty.

If you truly want endless hot water and want to save money on your gas bill, I HIGHLY suggest you entertain the idea of installing a tankless water heater in your home.


Our company has installed many hundreds of tankless water heaters and our customers feedback has been nothing but amazing. They are very happy to have endless hot water for less money.

Enjoy your endless hot water.

Tony Fontecchio


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