Jason Hydrotherapy Unveils The Vivere Walk-in Tub With MicroSilk!

It was just announced that Jason Hydrotherapy has unveiled the Vivere walk-in tub with MicroSilk.

This will certainly be a game changer in the walk-in tub industry and has been long awaited since the introduction of MicroSilk to the world. This seems to be the perfect combination for those people in need of a walk-in tub and want the heath benefits of MicroSilk. The door has opened (No pun intended) for Jason Hydrotherapy to enter the world of walk-in tubs.


Why Choose a walk-in tub over a standard bath tub?

• A walk-in tub allows for easy entry and exit from the bath tub for those individuals with physical disabilities or elderly people who don't have the strength and mobility to safely bathe in a standard bath tub.

• Relieves the stress associated of how to get in and out of a traditional style bath tub.

• Less strength and energy is exserted when using a walk-in tub.

• The upright seat in the walk-in tub is much safer and comfortable than that of a traditional bath tub.

• Allows for getting in and out of the bath without assistance from another person.

• Freedom to bathe at anytime without waiting for assistance.

• Safer, easier, stress free, and faster, than using a traditional bath tub.

Why Choose a walk-in tub with MicroSilk?

• Obviously all of the highlights mentioned above will be included.

• Gain circulation to the legs and lower body by use of the whirlpool jets.

• Experience all the amazing health benefits that MicroSilk produces.

• Beauty and anti-aging benefits.

• Provides exfoliation.

• Promotes hydration.

• Cleanses the skin and pores.

• Diminishes the redness and appearance of bruises and age spots.

• Increases oxygen in the water by up to 70%.

• Moisturizes and softens the skin.

• Assists with pain relief.

• Natural and non-invasive, tiny microbubbles gently envelop the body’s largest organ to relieve irritation, encourage metabolism, fight free radicals, and promote wellness.

• Helps relieve those diagnosed with Eczema, Ichthyosis, Psoriasis, and helps relieve pain.

• Relaxing.

The Jason Vivere MicroSilk walk-in tub has much more finer health benefits than any other bath tub in its class. This walk-in tub will leave all the others in the dust and drowned in envy. Expect to see this particular tub and other MicroSilk technology gain serious momentum in 2016. The future is here.

Actual News Press Release From Jason Hydrotherapy.

FOR THE SENIOR SET - The Vivere™ Collection

North Little Rock, AR - (January 4, 2016) – Jason International, Inc. is pleased to announce the
creation and release of its walk-in bathtub – The Vivere™ Collection. Jason International has
redefined the therapeutic bathing experience for anyone with mobility challenges. This exciting
new collection gives bathers the safest way to enjoy a deep soaking bath without stepping over
the tub. Vivere™ means “to live” in Italian, and this collection is designed to allow you “to live”
with greater independence, security and confidence.

You no longer have to sacrifice safety for luxury. The Vivere™ Collection is the perfect mix of
safety, style and relaxation. It is conveniently designed to fit within the space of a regular
bathtub for installation. Vivere™ allows comfort and accessibility with a built-in chair-height
seat and a left or right out-swing door; giving bathers a deep soaking experience that will
prolong independence in the bathroom and add to their quality of life in the home.

“You can have it all with choices from a traditional soaking bathtub, or with combined whirlpool
hydrotherapy, including our revolutionary MicroSilk® technology” says Paulo Jacuzzi, CEO of
Jason International, Inc. – “Maintaining ones active lifestyle, independence and dignity is the
top priority of aging seniors. Our Vivere™ walk-in-bath collection is the only walk-in-bath that
offers our patented MicroSilk® hydrotherapy, delivering the anti-aging effects of microbubbles
combined with up to 70% higher levels of dissolved oxygen, therapeutic levels of negative ions
and continuous consistent heat to the bather”, added Mr. Jacuzzi.

Our latest hydrotherapeutic Walk-in tub Vivere™ is designed with superior materials, American
craftsmanship, and quality control. For more information about our Vivere™ collection and all
options available, visit


Jason International, Inc. founded in 1982, by Remo Jacuzzi and his immediate family (Jason is an
acronym for Jacuzzi Son) is a manufacturer of luxury hydrotherapy baths. Jason International
produces a complete line of luxury-class whirlpool, MicroSilk®, AirMasseur®, Air-Whirlpool, and
soaking baths incorporating the Jason proprietary Quiet Design™ engineering and Sani-Design™
technology. Over the years Jason International, Inc. has devoted itself to bringing you the
world's best in hydrotherapy products.
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