Have you ever experienced a plugged sewer line inside your home?

Did it make a huge mess or were you one of the few lucky ones that caught it just in time to avoid an overflow?

I can tell you now that dealing with a plugged sewer and drain line can be a very dirty and expensive mess to repair.

Here at Johnny's Plumbing & Hydronics in Cañon City, Colorado, we have the right tools and equipment to help you get all your drain problems taken care of and free flowing once again. Our trained professional service technicians will be able to assess the situation an determine the best solution to the problem.

We have invested over $30,000 into our equipment which includes a state of the art sewer and drain video inspection camera that can go inside the pipes and allow us to view exactly what is causing the problems. We are also able to activate a transmitter signal from the camera head to send a signal to a transmitter that we can use to find exactly where the problem is inside the pipe underground and will also tell us how deep it is. We have used these sewer cameras to successfully find the problem for over 1,000 customers.


The Ridgid SeeSnake Sewer and Drain Video Camera Inspection System

Johnny's Plumbing & Hydronics also has a huge assortment of sewer cable machines that are capable of snaking through small 1-1/2" drain lines all the way to the large 6" drain lines. Our professional cable machines are capable of taking on any type of stoppage within your home sewer and drain pipes. These machines can cost up to $5,000+ each and are very dangerous to use if not done properly. Our service technicians will operate these machines to clear nearly anything they can come up against, including large and thick roots that often cause major stoppage. We also use a great root killer foaming agent called RootX ( that keeps the roots from growing back as fast.

We have also added a hydro-jetter to our arsenal of equipment to aide in the cleaning sewer and drain lines. This enables us to successfully remove grease buildup, blockage, roots, and other obstructions inside the pipes. The hydro-jetter sprays a very high pressure (3,000 P.S.I and greater) stream of water that is capable of cutting and scouring anything that gets in its path. this works great on grease build up that the sewer cable machine can not successfully remove. The jetter will also be able to cut its way through roots within the pipe.

When you have a large assortment of professional sewer and drain equipment, the possibilities are endless on what types of jobs you can perform for your customers. We are able to serve our customers from Cañon City, Pueblo, Florence, Penrose, Salida, Westcliffe, and many other locations throughout Southern Colorado with exceptional and professional services to get the job done right.

If you are experiencing problems with your sewer and drain at your home or business, give us a call at 719-269-1252 and get one of our professional service technicians there immediately.


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