Nine By Noon - (9 Water Heaters Replaced Before Noon)

IMG_0405.JPGJohnny's Plumbing & Hydronics in Cañon City, Colorado 81212 is rich with excellent and hard working plumbers.

Team JPH tends to use their strength in numbers to perform some of their plumbing projects that most plumbing companies in their region are not capable of pulling off.

Changing out 9 water heaters at the same time in the same building is not really an easy task, especially when all the plumbing needed updated to accommodate today's plumbing codes and standards. Floor drains were added, new water piping routed, venting, and provisions were added to meet these codes. 

All nine water heaters were started at 8:30 A.M. and completed by 11:45 just in time for lunch.

The building owner was extremely happy to have all nine water heaters completed so fast and all at the same time. 

When a big plumbing project is needed and you don't know what to do, rest assured the professional plumbers at Johnny's Plumbing & Hydronics can assist you with getting it completed and on time.